We offer digital fingerprinting services at MPD.

  • Call ahead to check availability at 502-365-1900. 
  • Cost is $10 per card. We accept cash, check, money order or credit card (small fee).
  • Photo ID required. 
  • Use our cards or provide your own (some stipulations apply).

parking citations

What do I do if I receive a parking ticket?
You have 14 days to pay this citation. Please mail to or pay in person at:  Middletown Police Department, 11803 Old Shelbyville Rd., Middletown, KY  40243. Failure to respond to this citation may result in additional fines and costs.

If you would like to appeal this citation please send your request to:
Code Enforcement Board, City of Middletown, 11803 Old Shelbyville Rd., Middletown, KY  40243. Be sure to include Citation number, issue date, License #, and basis of appeal. Appeal must be received by the City within 7 days of citation issuance. Code Enforcement Board has the option to assign higher fines, fees and Board costs.

Police Reports

Obtain a Copy of a Collision or Crime Report

In Person or Over the Phone  *** COVID MAY AFFECT HOURS

Copies of police reports can be obtained in person at the Middletown Police Department located in the Middletown City Hall, 11803 Old Shelbyville Rd, during normal business hours of 8:30 am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday. Reports may be ready after 3 days at 11803 Old Shelbyville Rd for a fee of $5.00. Please bring the card issued to you by the reporting officer. It will have the report number written on it, which allows for faster service. You may also request a report by phone and pay by clicking the red button below.  For more information or questions contact the Middletown Police Department at 502-365-1900.

3rd Party Source

For your convenience, accident reports are available online at and Crime Reports are available at All information required to purchase the report online can be found on the Report Card issued from the reporting officer.

Property watch

Middletown Police Department will perform a property watch on your residence or business for up to 2 weeks at a time.  Officers will go onto your property and check to make sure it is secure and all is well on the outside of your property. 

Download a copy of the Property Watch form.  Or you may come in person to 11803 Old Shelbyville Rd to pick up a form.  Please mail to: Middletown Police Department, 11803 Old Shelbyville Rd., Middletown, KY 40243 or email the form to

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